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Autor Tema: High-explosive shells - what's the point in them now?  (Leído 463 veces)


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High-explosive shells - what's the point in them now?
« en: 11 de Octubre de 2017, 15:12:02 pm »

Now, a land mine can be charged for as much as 10-50 damage to a well-armored target, knocking down the grip from power for half a second, which of course is not very encouraging.
Against lightly armored artillery and waffle irons, contrary to expectations, the damage is also very low - even lower than when shooting them with armor piercing!
You drive so smart all the way to the art on the E-100 for example, you load a land mine - after all, according to the logic of things, it must be demolished to the devil with a 150-mm bombardment, bam! - and she still has a half-hp, despite the fact that BB would surely kill her!
So what is now the sacral meaning of their existence, explain plz ??

Please help.


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