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Autor Tema: OpenVPN as client over a specific wifi interface?  (Leído 1828 veces)


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OpenVPN as client over a specific wifi interface?
« en: 16 de Octubre de 2017, 11:56:41 am »

I've been trying to set up OpenVPN as a VPN client keep a connection open over a specific wireless network.
So when I connect to the interface Wireless Network VPN I will be connected over a VPN tunnel using NordVPN service.

I did setup the the NORDVPN interface the same way as a guest interface to keep it separate from my LAN.
The Wireless VPN SSID is set up on the 5GHz card and attached to the NORDVPN Network but otherwise in the same way as the guest wireless which is on the 2.4GHZ card.

Please help.


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