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EXACT SAME BUG in Division 2
« en: 09 de Marzo de 2019, 06:42:23 am »

I got to the Private Beta and I can surely say that both principal gameplay and endgame articles were balanced beautifully. The new Armor mechanic simplifies the recovery system and can't just be mistreated like The Division 2 Phoenix Credits's health , so there's a lot more focus on strategic positioning and teamwork. You now take the time to replace armor rather than instantly take medkits. Black Tusk DO NOT screw around. Enemies aren't as spongy since they were just like in TThe Division 2 pre-1.6, therefore their time to kill is nice later on... and their AI's also more ruthless. They flank more often and you need to get prepared for that.

The movement is not a improvement.... The rng (run n gun) is awful in The Division 2 and the ballance, equipment sets... don t even wanna start with that. For individuals that played The Section 1 due to the story and the overall setting this game might be a improvement. However, pvp and hardcore pve players won t enjoy this game...

Single player or dual player effort and story felt very similar in style to the first to me as you stated (I have just under 4k hours The Section 1), but the endgame felt quite crappy. Hell, in narrative mode leveling towards endgame the NPCs get spongy after esp player and the 3rd join. The bullet feel was amplified in the first Black Tusk assignment from the closed beta. This is merely an opportunity to hype it up more and attempt to sell more copies to players. I feel its a strong improvement over the original so far but there are still a lot of bugs they need to exercise and I can not help but feel there's some laziness in there when you find the EXACT SAME BUG in Division 2 that was in Division 1. In addition, I expect they are adding more specializations because the 3 we got offered are less than impressive. Demo. Sniper, Survivalist? Come on. That is with just a medic, soldier, and engineer like TF2.

EA is awful since Anthem has been hurried to be out on schedule. They don't care about the players but only their shareholders. The pass to play their matches for a brief quantity of time without having to Division 2 Boosting cover them has already been achieved by microsoft (it worked for Sea of burglars for instance ).And that the free content following release is not new at all either. EA's lootboxe program has made games fail (Battlefront two ), so they're not doing it . So they do the ubisoft failed with Rainbow six or as blizzard siege and Overwatch. However, with less material and no guarantee it is going to last annually 2. (And, the a personal guess, however I believe that the"free contents" for your first year are just features that should have been in the bottom game but were stretched out because of a lack of development time).