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Your PhotosYour spooky pet Halloween photos 2018You sent your pet Little Horrors to us and they all got runescape gold into the spirit of Halloween. They looked super cute in their Halloween costumes and posing with their human brothers and sistersBonfire NightCan I legally have a bonfire, how late can I set fireworks off and what are the Bonfire Night rules?
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If you use HDTune Pro then you can also click on "Speed Map" after the scan for a map of the drive performance, or use the Benchmark tab on the older version. Red or too much orange in the Speed Map can also indicate a drive nearing the end of its life.The reason the high disk usage occurs in this case is because Windows keeps trying to work around the bad
or overly slow sectors.L1nk1nJ  7 points  submitted 1 year agoI don think people should be rewarded for getting 200m in a skill and the entitlement that brings. If you want to get 200m, fine but don expect anything more than a broadcast.More content such as bosses and equipment should be locked behind quests.
This industry is maybe three or four decades old. Our employees can not even get the process of writing down what the customer wants/needs correct on average let alone make it. It is mostly those problems you see here. Basically anything untrade able that is RNG based should have an amount of time associated with acquiring it, and if a player goes passed that time frame, they become a lot more likely to obtain it.
I do think that geodes could use a bit more of a nerf though, sure, because it is still way more gems than we used to get. I rather the gem geodes (just up the spirit shard chance) rather than geodes as a whole because the metamorphic ones are really nice. 12 points  submitted 15 hours ago.
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