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Best advice I can give is
« en: 04 de Junio de 2019, 05:21:07 am »
That raid req list is not realistic. Folks don't expect alts, taxes wasn't something for my guild and we only did 4-5 hours a day. We were one of those firstguilds to kill Nefarious also on Nost. My guild was like yours Gold in WoW Classic. I honestly wouldn't consider the expectations in this movie seriously for all guilds possibly 1 out of 10 raiding guilds would be the autistic. If anybody played like this I would laugh at you.I'm going to start using this station for instance to some one who wants to succeed on youtube. CW is just doing everything from the fast delivery of high-quality, detailed information, to the optimized search titles, to the engaging and interesting content. Been doing so for five decades now and I'm actually learning stuff from him.

In terms of world buffs/alts, you forgot to say using horde priest alt (if you are alliance) to find warchief's blessing.And something that you forgot about vanilla hardcore guilds is the attitude of people inside them. Been playing for one on pserver, undoubtedly the worst experience I have had when raiding in WoW Classic and back in wotlk/cata afternoon I used to play for top20 world guilds. Even semi hardcore guilds tend to be cancer because of"minmax" attitude and like"hardcore" ones, thinking that 1-2 button dps"rotation" requires skill when boss has 0-1 mechanics you have to be concerned about, so everything you do is stand and shoot/attack. Best advice I can give is, ignore pve progression (it is totally meaningless) and simply go at your own pace and have fun.

WoW Classic launched my freshman year of school. As funny as it seems it felt like childsplay from where we came out (FFXI). Nevertheless, I won't ever play an MMO again, even today's MMOs that are a considerably less of a time sink. I left WoW Classic only after Arthas at WotLK realizing I am picking WoW Classic within my wife (then girlfriend). I just wasn't living my best life. I've dabbled in other MMOs, moved back to WoW Classic (ultra cusual for mists and never as ) and finally feel , for me personally, they aren't a wholesome games style. I still have friends I have made and wouldn't wish to trade that time that I had for anything, but I have moved beyond.

I am running my own guild come timeless. We'll take roughly 5 to 6 weeks to reach max level and simply enjoying the trip until we push raiding. When it comes to raiding we will repeat 2 days per week for 2 to 2 and half hours. We'll advance in a steady pace since most people are in our mid 30s to late 40s and we dont have the time we did when vanilla was outside. That said we will appreciate the content and work together. A number of us were in hardcore guilds and know what raiding takes others like myself direct 40 guy guilds back in the day that were more casual friendly but we still got through MC, ZG, QA20 and started into BWL. With Buy WoW Classic Gold probably lasting 3 to 4 decades before blizzard even puts out BC that time I dont see the need to hurry. We need WoW Classic to be fun and enjoyable with that said we dont want to never get into raiding. So all of us need to place a bit of work in together to get to where we want to go.