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Urwerk EMC Black Replica watch
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URWERK(urwerk replica )is one of the few watch brands, perhaps the only one to use ARCAP extensively. ARCAP alloy is a non - magnetic alloy without iron. They have high tensile strength and oxidation resistance - unlike common brass, which must be copper-plated - chemical corrosion, low temperature and stability under temperature changes. Compared with brass, ARCAP is more stable and does not retain tension, making it more accurate.

The advantage of ARCAP is not free. It wears out machine tools five times faster than brass. In ur-1001, the main plate, bottom plate, rotary plate, satellite, dial, bridge, retrograde spiral spring and retrograde u-type spring are all in ARCAP. The automatic weft winder and display case of Zeit equipment are lined with polished solid walnut and buffalo leather. The case can be placed on the desk, the watch fixed in the vertical position (push), the dial side can be fully seen. Every 10 or 15 minutes, the Zeit device rotates 185° and slowly oscillates to a standstill, allowing a winding rotor to charge the main spring. Having the Zeit devices intertwined in this way minimizes the need to reset the calendar function after the move stops.

The latest generation of ur-cc1 watch replicas is the result of successful genetic manipulation. The sudden shedding of the skin turns the grey gold skin of the king cobra into black, a color that often signifies deadly danger. In coloring ur-cc1 anthracite, the URWERK team reiterated the aggressiveness of the work, pushing the cobra to the extreme. Black character and black heart. Don't be afraid, but be very careful in black aldean's ur-cc1.

At the end of 30 days -- April, June, September, and November -- the date is automatically brought forward to the first month of the following month. The wheel, which has 93 teeth and can rotate in three months, carries a three-handed conveyor belt. Mounted on the date wheel are three Maltese crosses, each corresponding to a four-month satellite at the other end of the date wheel. At the end of the brief few months, a finger from the Maltese cross intervened, bringing forward the date wheel by two days to the following month. Flip the ur-1001 over and cover it with a protective cover, and you'll see another universe with a time scale longer than the previous one. By displaying the rear side, the main feature is the hour satellite complex and the reverse travel minute mechanism below, its dark surface set off by the bright ruby bearing. The oil changes of 100 and 1000 years are long-term signs of lying under a protective cover on the back of the Zeit device, and driven by the movement of the operation. The finish and finish of the case, the dial and the components of the Zeit device are a harmonious blend of modern and traditional, echoing the 21st century watchmaking spirit of ulwak,best fake watches which is based on the best of traditional horology.

Hold the face of the black cobra and you will see two unusual signs: jumping for hours and going backwards for minutes. The light from black to bright yellow was the only sign of light from the reptile machine. Hours and minutes are measured by linear motion. It took more than three years of research and development to overcome the technical challenge of linear representation of hours and minutes. Solving three engineering problems allowed the URWERK team to master the reptiles :-

The circular lines carved into the top of the case suggest that the shape of the Zeit device's case is actually a circle with cutting edges. The Clous DE Paris guilloche on the dial provides both rich textures and a pleasing contrast to the flat surfaces on the dial. Satellites and their hands have diamond-cut slants that reflect light during the day, while embedded white ultra-bright satellites show the time clearly at night. On the back of the clock, the Clous DE Paris guilloche continues. On the tip of the URWERK's WATCH(replica urwerk watches sale ), the Geneva wave is carved into the bridge that holds the base of the satellite's complex.